I Be Loved!


Well, both Daughter and I (mainly me, actually) have referenced Dandy Dog so many times in this blog, we thought it appropriate to reveal a bit about a day in his typical life around here.  Not all of it is necessarily good, by even a dog’s measure, but it appears to be satisfying to him, nonetheless. 

We begin with Dandy sheepishly situated in the back of Daughter’s oft-maligned VW Cabrio.  Again, even if you are a dog, you have to be comfortable in your “maleness” to been seen riding around in one of these things.  As the photo below demonstrates, clearly he’s not the happiest of campers.  A Happy Camper Dandy would be perched in the back of Mom’s van, or stretched out on the floor of the same vehicle, oblivious to the clouds of white fur that permeate the cabin and everything we own.


Next up is “Naughty Dandy.” When we first adopted him, we experimented for weeks and weeks with trying to find a toy or chew he would like.  We discovered he is not a fan of rawhides, or anything hard, for that matter, so Mom went counterintuitive and picked up some soft toys with “squeakers” hidden inside.

Eureka!  Roughly translated into Dogdom — drool, slobber, and pointy ears.  Dandy loves his “squeakies” almost as much as Mom.  Almost.  He has been known to seek out their hiding place in Mom’s closet when we’re not home, and he scatters the stash throughout the house and yard.  He is even perceptive enough to be able to distinguish the sound of the type of plastic bag from the store where we buy them.  Again, he’s a very smart dog when he wants to be. 

All good things must come to an end, however, and the result is yet another sheepish expression as he surveys the destruction with the understanding, “Well, what did you expect me to do?  I’m a dog, and it’s my toy.  Deal with it.” 


Of course his favorite activity in the entire world is to head to the beach with Mom.  Dandy is not a swimmer.  He’s more of a wader.  And a runner.  Oftentimes it’s as if all his pent-up energy — I guess two walks a day are not enough — simply explodes in multiple sprints up and down the shoreline.  He’s very happy to run, walk, take a dip in the ocean, and then just hang out for a couple of hours.  He simply plops down in the sand next to Mom, and he surveys what he thinks is his kingdom.


After a long day by the seaside, what better activity can there be than to catch up on all those zzzzz’s?  Dandy has several dog cushions strategically placed throughout the house, and he takes full advantage of both couches and, sometimes, even a bed (though it’s hard for him to jump up).  For whatever reason, he has always preferred sleeping with his head below the rest of his body — post-nasal drip, sinus issues, past drug use as a puppy?  It’s hard to tell.  He never stays in one position for long, but he’s always mindful to be in close proximity to Mom, no matter where she is. 


Ultimately, it’s a match made in Heaven.  It’s hard to imagine that Dandy didn’t spend the first eight years of his life with us.  We used to wonder what kind of stories he would tell about his past, were he able.  Heck, we didn’t even know he could bark until he’d been with us for almost three months.  He was one shell-shocked rescue dog. 

When Daughter first went off to college, we mailed her a big glob of Dandy’s hair, to remind her of home. 

We don’t do that nowadays.  There’s plenty of his hair woven into every object that we own (and many that we don’t).   

In the end, I think it’s fair to say that we love him as much as he loves us.  We all be loved!


– Dad


One thought on “I Be Loved!

  1. You know it’s been said that dog spelled backwards is God. You have to wonder about that because what other animal gives us total unconditional love?

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